What does Milo do?

Milo Caters To:

Corporate And Special Events
Parties (*See Birthday parties below)

Services Offered Year Round:

Balloon Art
Comedy Magic Shows
Comedy Skits
“Strolling Entertainment”
Puppets (Stage & strolling) with Milo’s puppet pals !

Does Milo Do Birthday Parties?.

Sure do!!

Milo is there for approximately one hour, and what he can do in that hour depends on how many guests are present. The usual show consists of balloons and a comedy magic show starring the birthday child with help from the guests as well. There are giggles galore even from Mom & Dad!
Milo brings a special personalized coloring sheet for the birthday child along with a card and a small gift! Each of the guests gets a coloring sheet and a small gift as well!  You can also pick a puppet from the “Puppets” section below to come with Milo and sing Happy Birthday! Feel free to take as many pictures as you like during the show and Milo loves to pose for that special birthday shot with the guest of honor!

What Can Milo Do At Corporate Parties and Special Events?:

Balloon Art:

As an instructor level balloon artist, I offer a wide variety of balloon creations ranging from simple dogs and hats to elaborate headdress and spaceships. I can also offer “themed” balloons such as balloon reindeer at Christmastime! More than just a “balloon machine”, I entertain with balloons!

Comedy Magic:

I am a member of the Halifax Magic Club, and offer an interactive child oriented comedy magic show, tailored to the age levels and customized for the season I am performing for. Special Halloween, Christmas, Easter and multi-cultural themed shows available!. Everyone gets to join in on the fun and laughter!

“Strolling Entertainment”

Mix and mingle with the crowd entertaining with pocket magic, puppets, coloring pages, one on one jokes and goofiness or just a time to meet and giggle with MILO! Milo has been known to ham it up for the camera for those “special” pictures too!


The kiddies will fall in love with my goofy puppet pals. I have a large variety to bring along with me. I do strolling entertainment with them and sometimes use them in my shows, but I do not have a separate puppet show with puppet stage.

“Buzzard” “Vern The Bird” “Silly Bear” “Wild Thing”

This is one of the puppet family, “Buzzard”, all the way from Milton, VT, USA. He just flew in and BOY are his wings tired! You’ll get to meet him at an event near you, and if you ask nice he just may let you call him “Buzz”.

“Bunny” “Sheep Dog”

Bubbles, Bubbles and more Bubbles. . .

MILO arrives with a bucketful of bubble mix and his “Bubble Thing”.
The “Bubble Thing” can produce bubbles up to and sometimes in excess of, 3 feet across! You have to see it to believe it and the children love it!
MILO also brings along some bubble wands for the youngsters to try their hand at making 5 bubble clusters.
(* Must be used in an open and preferably grassy area)

The “Milocycle”!!! Great for outdoor events and parades!

Bring your cameras! This is, as they say, a “Kodak moment”. Let the kiddies climb aboard this colorful antique (1953) adult size
tricycle for a photo they’ll always treasure!

MILO arrives on site riding the Milocycle with his little covered wagon full of fun in tow! This bike even made an appearance in the movie “The Real Howard Spitz” which was filmed in Halifax in 1997. The Milocycle is a really “unique” cycle!


One thought on “What does Milo do?

  1. Hey Milo. I’m in Nova Scotia currently. We are staying in Truro and fly out of Halifax on October 7.
    Let me know if you’d like to meet a fellow clown.

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