Who is Milo?

Joan, Milo and the Milocycle, June 7th,2015

Milo LiteMilo Full Face

The Three Faces of Miles Leahy:

Miles Leahy is four time award-winning member of, and is the East Coast Ambassador and second vice president to, “Clowns Canada“. He joined Clowns International in July 2005, the World Clown Association (WCA) in 2014 and was president and founder of a local entertainer’s co-op, the “Supercity Family Funsters“.

He began entertaining as “Milo the Mime” in 1989, but soon found that his own gabby personality could not easily be contained in silence, in other words, he simply could not “mime” his own business! So over the years, three new characters emerged! First came the boisterous “Milo the Clown”, followed by the colourful and zany “Smiley the Busker” and finally the silly but sophisticated “Mister M.V.P”. Milo now sports a new bearded look (top photo) which he refers to as his “Garden Gnome Clown” look.

Since then, he has performed at parties, malls, schools, colleges, private clubs, senior’s homes, dances, Brownie and Cub Scout meetings and special occasion “Fun-O-Grams” in and around the Halifax metro area.

During the summMilo and the Milocycleer, he can be found pedaling his 1950’s 3-wheel bike, (The Milocycle), painted hues of red, yellow, and green, as he entertains at corporate picnics, street parties, special events, festivals and campgrounds. “Milo and the Milocycle” even made a brief appearance in the movie “The Real Howard Spitz” with Kelsey Grammer, filmed in Halifax in 1997.Pirate Milo

Milo’s volunteer work has included the Izaak Walton Killam Children’s Hospital Telethon, The Kermesses,the Children’s’ Wish Foundation of Canada, Canadian Red Cross, Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation, K.I.N. (Kids In Need) Association, Nova Scotia Hospital “Festival of Trees”, Cystic Fibrosis and the Autism Society. Also fundraiser events for the Canadian Cancer Society, Tim Horton’s Kid’s Camp Day(since 2000), Metro Food Bank Society and Christmas Daddies.

Miles Leahy’s background includes 31 years of community theatre, television commercials, and numerous appearances on “Breakfast Television”. He played the “chicken farmer” in “Shattered City”, the story of the Halifax explosion filmed in 2003, and most recently he appeared in the latest Beethoven movie , Beethoven’s Gold, released October 14th, 2014 . His antics have been featured in several local newspapers and magazines and two articles he wrote were published in a professional entertainer’s journal, “Laugh Maker’s”.

He was awarded “Best Clown” on August 17th, 2001  during the “Gold Cup Parade” in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island. “Best Original Entry” in June 2000, “Best Special Entry” June 1996, and again in June 1999″ in the Bedford Day’s Parade, Bedford NS.

In August 1996 he was honoured with “Best Single’s Routine” and “Clowns Choice” awards at “Clown Carnival” in Renfrew, Ontario. In July 2000 he shared the honours of “Clowns Choice” and “Best Pairs Routine” at Clown Carnavale 2000 in St. Catharines Ontario.

In September,2005 Milo the Clown and his good friend Chuckles the Clown  represented Canada at the International Clown Festival in Weston-super-Mare England, and while performing there, are proud to say that they were presented with the “Slapstick Award” for best use of comedy and slapstick in a routine! They are honoured by the fact that their names have been engraved on the trophy and now join a number of other great clowns over the history of this award that is on display at the Clowns’ Gallery Museum in London England!

PEI Clownvention 2006

August 1997, found Milo at “Clown Carnival 97” in Toronto, lecturing on his favorite subject, BALLOON ART! He had the opportunity once again at Clownvention 2005 & 2006 held at UPEI in Charlottetown PEI, helping instruct new and junior clowns on all aspects of the art of clowning but especially on balloon sculpture with his lecture called “How To Become A Balloonatic!”. Miles has a flair for face painting, and offers a comedy magic show and puppets, but his specialty is the art of balloon twisting!

Business: (902) 532-7914  Cell: (902) 499-6333     Address:  1676 Highway 201, RR1 , Annapolis Royal, NS, B0S 1A0       Email: milo@milotclown.com

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